Friday, August 25, 2006

Thanks for the support

Hi all, that is really wonderful when lots of people ask me to blog more often and add lot more information in the website. As i had been traveling a lot and had been stuck up with loads of things i was just not able to write in the blog.

And now here i am for you with more life changing write ups. Stay tuned... You will have lots to explore

Abishek Murthy

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mom, a motivator for Life

Its only yesterday that my mom saw this blog that I am writing, and like most of my readers she liked it too. I saw the sparkle glitter in her eyes when she was searching for spelling errors all around my blog. Mom's are always like that, you know. They generally do things which always takes us far beyond our present experience. They are always there to tell what's wrong. Weather or not they tell us what's right, they tell us what's wrong.

People don't like others finding fault at them. That's their nature. They are not ready to take suggestions from anybody. But i personally feel knowing the wrong thing is more important than doing what is right. When you know something is right, its more of a cyclic process in you. There is no question of hindrance when you know something is right. All that you have to do is keep repeating the same thing again and again. Of course when time changes the way you do it will be different. For example, when you know you are driving you car well. It needs no attaintain. It just happens in you. There is no notice to it. You will be fine with driving, all that happens is when you get a bigger car or a lemousine you would have to drive differently and that would just be a cake walk for you.

But, when you know you are not driving your car well, that NEEDS NOTICE, isn't it so? Can you imagine what are the possible actions that can occur if you don't drive your car well.? It needs more attintion, isn't it so? Your mom never wants to see you in such situation where you cannot even get up. That's the worse thing that could happen to you.

The reason why you reject this suggestion given by your mom or anybody is because you take that suggestion as a FAILURE. Because when you see suggestions are given only when something is not perfect. Now i want you to understand if by any chance you take things as failure right, there is no way you can improvise on it. Failure will always lie a failure , if you consider it so.

For you to ignite your life. Live life better you must have to take failures as feedback.

That's right, THERE ARE NO FAILURES, ONLY FEEDBACK. When you take the suggestion this way. You will develop a higher possibility in life.

And the best person i know who can improvise your life is your mom. She knows you so deep that you were drowned inside her once, remember? Anyway that was long time ago. From now, you would understand when a suggestion is on you it would motivate you. And the first person who would help you get motivated will be your loving mom.

I love my mom, so does everybody

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Expose Your Limitations

Almost all of us have been limited to something in life. Now, I don't wish that you should have some limitation in you that will stop you from doing something. All that I mean to say is that we are limited in some way or the other, all of us. Either by body, mind or something else. But there are a lot of people in this world who finds that some limitation in them is stopping the stability or growth in them. Limitations can be Fear (Phobia), procrastination, time management.

Now, everybody wants to get out of his or her limitations but nobody wants to tell it out. There is always a possibility for you to get out of your limitations. So when you want this possibility to become a reality the first and foremost thing that you should do is to see everything the way it is, right? When you are least willing to recognize your limitations how is that you can get over it? If you are hiding your limitations, where is the question of liberation? Where is the possibility? You have destroyed it completely, isn't it so?

Lets imagine that you are chained right now and if freedom has to come someday, the first and foremost thing to see is that you're chained. If you are refusing to see that you are chained the question of liberation never arises.

What will happen when you know you are chained? The first thing what would happen when you know you are chained is pain, there will be suffering, there will be struggle, and there will be confusion. Now old memories of yours will blink and tell you " I was better off before ". This is the way of your mind.

So, as part of the survival technique, memory has the way of erasing certain unpleasant things and making the past always more pleasant than what's there right now. This will happen in you. But in order for you to get over it, you have to MOVE. Do not live with your limitations, EXPOSE them, because when you expose there would be all this pain, struggle, suffering. But this will not last long. Till now your limitations was like a search for water, and when you EXPOSE it its like adding salt into your mouth. When your thirsty and salt is added, you will search for water more rigorously. So in no time your limitations are out. And believe me life without limitations are amazing, it's unbound. So if you have a limitation, its time you EXPOSE.

Know the BLIZZ of being unbound.